Protecting the Place Names of Wales

Digital Map

From the outset, the intention of the Society and its Gwarchod project was to work within public societies and institutions. We were invited by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) to add to their database of topographical names those local names that they wished to see included in the maps used daily by their staff. River pool names are one example.

Our close connections with NRW have given us access to a joint NRW and Esri pilot project.  Our digital map comprises a layer of an 1888 Ordnance Survey map made available to us by the National Library of Scotland and the National Library of Wales, together with a layer of aerial photographs of Wales.

We have collected and recorded many thousands of minor place-names through public workshops and individual donations of paper maps and valuable oral testimonies. In addition, authors and researchers have given their permission for us to include their data and examples.  Each name is indicated by a circle on the map. Clicking on this reveals more details which are automatically inserted into a database. This will build up gradually into a national database of minor place-names, many of which have never been recorded.  When possible, we record the forms of names found in early records and include references to manuscripts and estate collections.  This is a resource which will be invaluable for researchers and historians alike.

Our hope is that the map will become available on line and that it will inspire people to contribute more local names and engage in discussions with the Society.

Click here to learn how to record names at home and send us the information for transfer to the map.