Protecting the Place Names of Wales

About Our Digital Maps

From the outset, the Society and its Conservancy project were intended to work within public associations and organisations. Natural Resources Wales (NRW) asked us to add to their database of landscape names the minor local names they wished to see included in the maps used by their day-to-day employees. River pool names are one example.

Our close links with NRW have led to a pilot with them and Esri’s company.  By 2022 the care of our map is in the hands of Gwe Cambrian and Esri.

We have the historical maps by agreement with the National Library of Scotland and this was facilitated by the National Library of Wales.

Two maps will be visible to the public, namely

  1. Map Welsh Place Names with names we have checked, and
  2. Map in the form of a Recording App, which allows the public to contribute minor names on it.  These will be checked by the Association, accepting those that also contain the necessary details in the relevant data box. This is to follow.

1 Welsh Place Name Society Map

A few thousand minor local names were collected and recorded in public workshops and provided valuable paper maps and oral evidence.  We also received permission from a number of authors and researchers to include their data and excerpts. Each name appears as a circle on the map.

When clicking on the ring, additional details appear in a box and it all goes straight to our database.

Many of these names have not been recorded before.  When possible, we also record some of the early examples of the names that appear in estate documents and manuscripts. We also include references to these sources.  This will be a valuable resource for researchers and historians alike. We record the name of the parish as it was in the Tithe of 1840 as it will be helpful to those who wish to trace names. For the same reason, we use the old county names before 1974.

We hope the map will inspire people to come up with more local names for us. 

2 Recording Map

This is to follow.

Click here to leanrn how to record a place-name at home, and how to send us this information for plotting on our map.